TSM GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 145 - 1000 – MP Repairs


Extremely robust and efficient, this innovative Grande Brio Ride On 145-1000 scrubber dryer is engineered to guarantee the required standards of cleanliness and hygiene providing constant cleaning performances for areas up to 6000 m²/h and over 5 hours autonomy before recharging.
It is available in different scrubbing versions accordingly to the scrubbing deks, keeping the same chassis. One of the best feature of this scrubber drier is the incredible maneuverability, infact it’s able to make a U-turn in its position, making it perfect to be used in crowded areas without creating harassment to people around.
TSM Grande Brio Ride On 145-1000 scrubber is extremely safe and easy to use inside industrial and commercial environments, providing unmatched cleaning performances in any type of building.

This TSM Grande Brio Ride On 145-1000 scrubber dryer is defined as SMART because:

• has a user-friendly control panel with preset working programs that enhances an immediate understanding of the usage saving time on the daily cleaning taskst;
• with the versions equipped with separated chemical dosing system is possible to be very precise in adjusting the water flow and the detergent percentage;
• the brush pressure can be easily adjusted to 60Kg granting high cleaning results;
• has a reactive squeegee that adapts and follows the machine movements;
• makes extremely low noise level as the vacuum motor is isolated inside a wall chamber, that drops the noise level to work silently;
• offers a complete visibility of the whole working area  though the high capacity of the tanks;
• doesn’t slip on wet floors, keeping its direction and it’s able to climb and work on slopes;

TSM GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 145 is the perfect equipment for deep cleaning of various hard floors such as Industrial sites, shopping malls, supermarkets, logistical depots, airports, ports, train stations, hospitals, schools and campus.



Brushes size 2 X 525 mm
Brush rpm 190 rpm
Brush motor power 2 x 650 W
Squeegee width 1100 mm
Water lift 1590 mm H2O
Vacuum motor power (stages) 490 (3) W
Brushes pressure 0-60 kg
Traction motor power 700 (frontale) W
Total power 2490 W
Battery charger 24V – 25A
Max battery capacity (DIN) 320(Acido)/274(Agm)
Batteries compartment (LxWxH) 617x210x430 (x2) mm
Maximum slope 5 %
Maximum speed 5 Km/h
Steering range 1585 mm
Noise level < 70 db (A)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1583x840x1520 mm
Weight without batteries 282 kg
Weight with batteries 513 kg
Packaging (LxWxH) 1690x950x1635 mm
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