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With over 40 years’ experience and continuous training for our engineers, we provide our customers with a very fast and efficient service. We also provide training and advice for your machine operators to achieve the best possible results for your business. Over the years we have cleaned and maintained most types of floors, this allows us to pass on this information to our customers and advise them on the best cleaning methods, type of machine, type of pad or brush to save you time and money. 

It is usually better for a customer to see the machine operating in their premises on their most challenging areas to see the results they will be able to achieve. We prefer to arrange an onsite inspection and demonstration for medium to large pieces of equipment to check access points, walkways, corridors, floor levels and storage areas. Your machine will also need to be cleaned and maintained after every use to keep it in tip top condition, this training will be carried out with your machine operators after purchase of your new machine. The daily use and maintenance training can be carried out upon delivery or at different times to suit your shift patterns and operators, we can also provide further training if you get new staff members.

For our customers who prefer a monthly budget for their cleaning machine with full cover and service visits we provide a lease/hire option. 

For customers who have specific tasks to carry out that may not be able to find a suitable machine on the market, we can adapt and custom build our equipment to suit your specifications.

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Keeping your business clean and hassle free


We make sure that we can repair & service every machine we sell, to enable us to do this we carry a large amount of spares in stock at all times. Our engineers’ vans are fully stocked with spare parts and cover all of Northern Ireland keeping our customers operational. If your machine is not repairable on site we will bring it into our workshop and leave you a loan machine. This ensures that our customers have minimal disruption and are always fully operational. 

We concentrate our business solely in Northern Ireland to enable us to give our customers the best possible service and speedy response times. We have many long term customers, some dating back to 1999 when we started. These include small independent shops, car valeting businesses, carpet cleaning firms, janitorial companies, contract cleaners, garages, manufacturing plants, food production factories and transport companies.

Our suppliers have been selected over a long period of time and we know we can depend on them and their production quality. The machinery and spare parts we choose to supply our customers are reliable, durable and efficient.


With environmental sustainability in mind, we can now offer chemical-free cleaning solutions for your business. Why not try our HTC twister pads and use only water to clean and polish your floors? Tersano – SAO uses advanced technology to convert oxygen into ozone and infuses it into cold tap water to create a powerful cleaner, deodorizer and sanitizer.

We are proud to be part of the i-team global partnership with made blue foundation, the water that is used by all active i-mop machines worldwide is mirrored by generating equal amounts of clean drinking water in developing countries, donating more than 100 million litres so far.

Our Sprintus Floory and Era vacuum models are made with over 50% recycled plastic and we are hoping for even more in the future.

Choosing the correct class of vacuum with the correct filters will protect the operator and everyone in the vicinity.

Keeping your machinery serviced correctly will prolong its life cycle to help reduce landfills.

Most businesses use far too much chemical on a daily basis causing a build-up film on your floors, this leads to a dull-looking floor and can also cause slip hazards. We suggest only using chemicals every other day (longer if possible) and cleaning with only water in between to get better results.

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