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Kerstar Motors

Kerstars range of Direct Airflow and Bypass multistage motors have been in use for many years and are tried and tested in the field to offer unparalleled performance and reliability. Available in the most popular voltages and they are the only approved genuine spare replacement part.

  1. Direct Airflow Motor 230v, 110v, 24v. DC & 36v. DC
  2. Bypass Motor 230v, 110v, 24v. DC & 36v. DC
  3. PCV Motor 230v. Direct Airflow
  4. Tangential Discharge Bypass Motor 230v and 110v
  5. KEVA Motor 230v and 110v
  • 1A Bypass Motor 230v. (July 2018)
  • 2A Direct Airflow Motor 230v. (July 2018)
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