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Greenspeed Flat mop set including 1 x Twist mop

£70.00 (ex VAT)

Flat mop set from Greenspeed, consisting of an aluminium Velcro frame with multilink connection, microfibre twist mop heads (highly absorbent) and lightweight aluminium handle with built in reservoir.

The flat mop plate is composed of plastic and durable aluminium, which keeps the weight to a minimum. The flat mop plate has velcro fastening material (Velcro) on the underside, so that the Twistmop can be clinked in a simple way. The Multilink coupling can be fully secured by means of two buttons, for both the back and forth, as well as the up and down movements, making this plate also suitable for cleaning floors, windows, walls and ceilings.

The microfibre Twistmop is suitable for any hard floor surface. Due to the length of the pile, the mop is also suitable for use on floor surfaces with relief, such as uneven stone floors. The low friction with the floor ensures that the Twistmop can also be used on non-slip floors. There is a loop on the side of the mop to hold the mop. This way, the (dirty) surface does not have to be touched.

The aluminium  mop handle has an integrated water reservoir, it operates using the push button at the top of the mop handle, it dispenses just the right amount of water on the floor area to be cleaned. The water reservoir is an in-built feature of the lightweight aluminium handle; it holds 450 cl of water – enough to clean an incredible one hundred square metres of floor area.

  • Simply unscrew handle top to refill
  • Push handle top to release cleaning fluid
  • Sprays 3 jets of detergent each press
  • Fill from a tap or filler bottle
  • Leaves floor much dryer than normal mopping
  • Works great with our 5L EQUALISER rinse free neutral floor cleaner (see chemical section)

– High dirt absorption and absorption capacity, streak-free result.
– The antibacterial treatment (ABT) limits the multiplication of bacteria in the mop.


  • Robust aluminium flat mop plate with multilink connection
  • Dimensions, 40 x 9 cm.
  • Microfiber Velcro Twist Mop for quick and effective cleaning
  • Dimensions, 45 x 12 x 2 cm
  • Durable Aluminium  handle with water fill port & pump head
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