KERSTAR Wet & Dry and Swarf Vacuum Cleaners KSV 45/2 C – MP Repairs

KERSTAR Wet & Dry and Swarf Vacuum Cleaners KSV 45/2 C

The KSV 45/2 C is a portable industrial unit designed to pick up metal chippings and swarf (but not spirals) from milling machines, lathes etc. Where most of the liquid (suds) has drained into a sump.

The motor unit is protected from the ingress of metal by a liquid resistant filter assembly. The filter assembly is protected from metal chippings by the cyclonic separator.

The cyclonic separator directs the majority of the metal chippings downwards into the swarf basket in the canister. The swarf basket holds the metal chippings. When the basket is lifted out of the canister any liquid drains out through the perforations in the basket and into the canister. Liquid in the canister can be emptied by detaching the canister from the caddy trolley.

Supplied with either a 38mm or 51mm hose and tool kit comprising of:

  • 38mm x 3m Heavy Duty Polyurethane Hose
  • 38 x 540mm Stainless Steel Crevice Tool
  • 38 x 305mm Stainless Steel Gulper/Scraper Tool
  • 51mm x 3m Heavy Duty Polyurethane Hose
  • 51 x 600mm Stainless Steel Crevice Tool
  • 51 x 300mm Stainless Steel Gulper/Scraper Tool

Kerstar Swarf Vac –  KSV
Capacity of Can/Basket in Litres –   25
No. of Motors in Motor Head (Also available with 1 x motor) –  2
Fitted with Wet Cut Off Device & Swarf Filter –  C
Supply Voltage – 230v

(Also available in 110v/24v DC/36v DC & Compressed Air Powered)



2 x 1,000w Bypass Cooling (2,000w Max – 1,600w Mean)


230v 50Hz / 110v 50/60Hz
24v or 36v DC (400/420w)

Performance (230v & 110v)

Max. Vacuum – 2,200mm /
Max. Airflow – 82 Litres/Sec


Max. Solids Only Capacity – 22 Litres
Max. Liquids Only Capacity – 25 Litres

Dimensions (H x W x D) mm

Height: 1.12M / Width: 0.46M – Depth: 0.52M

Weight (Kg)

Machine Only (No Hose or Tools) – 29 Kgs

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