SPRINTUS Waterking XL – MP Repairs


Innovative wet / dry vacuum cleaner with many extras and large power reserves.

The successful Waterking series is being expanded with the new “XL” in the 45 liter class.

The previous advantages have been retained and selectively upgraded so that the Waterking XL is the ideal companion during basic cleaning.

260 mbar vacuum at 70 L / sec air flow rate in combination with the 450 mm wide floor nozzles ensure sufficient power reserves and a perfect result at all times.

An innovative parking brake on the stable chassis prevents the vacuum cleaner from rolling away unintentionally during use. The large push handle, which can be removed without tools, enables comfortable handling and easy transport. With the standard wastewater hose, the dirty liquid can be drained off completely without leaving any residue. The mechanical power regulation enables the optimal setting for every surface. A powerful socket enables additional cleaning machines to be operated directly from the vacuum cleaner. The optimal handling with accessory storage, cable rewind, parking position, and ergonomic handle makeing the vacuum cleaner fit for daily, professional use.


  • Excellent water/dirt absorption
  • Consistent separation of cooling and process air
  • Reliable float switch-off even when foam forms
  • Cyclone water separation system
  • Chassis with large, rubberized swivel castors and fixed wheels
  • Robust chassis with removable push handle
  • Parking brake prevents the vacuum cleaner from rolling away unintentionally
  • Dust-free dirt disposal through closable fleece filter bags
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