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KERSTAR Dry Vacuum Cleaners KV 90 & KV 200

The KV 90 & KV 200 are purpose built large capacity multi purpose industrial dry vacuum cleaners for collection of coarse lightweight debris such as wood & plastic chips, granules, paper, cardboard and fabric off cuts.

These models can be used in three different ways: As a wood chippings and shavings remover when connected by the see through 100mm hose to outlet manifold on woodworking machines (saws, planes, routers etc.). As a dry vacuum cleaner for large debris using the 100 mm see through hose and 100mm Gulper tools. As a high capacity dry vacuum cleaner using a 38mm hose and tool kit.

A high degree of filtration is achieved using our special non cling permaflow filter and high efficiency pleated cartridge filter. Each motor is equipped with its own cartridge filter for maximum efficiency and airflow.


  • Twin fan motors
  • Two or three motors
  • Thermal switch protection against overheating
  • Double filtration – permaflow filter and cartridge filter per motor
  • Hose entry for 100mm and adapter for standard Kerstar hose entry.Accepts 32, 38 & 51mm. 38 & 51mm recommended.
  • Optional drop in chassis with 4 x 75mm castors
  • Hoses and tool kits to suit your application



2x1000w Max / 1600w Mean
3x1000w Max / 2400w Mean


230/110v / 50/60Hz


2 Motors Max Airflow 82Ltr/Sec 3 Motors Max Airflow 113Ltr/Sec
Max Vacuum 2 & 3 motors 2500mm

Cleaning Range

28.5 Metres / 94 Feet

Capacity Litres

KV 90/2 86L / KV 200/2 165L / KV 200/3 165L

Dimensions (H x W x D) mm

KV 90/2 730x490x490 / KV 200/2 870x610x610 / KV 200/3 870x610x610

Weight (Kg)

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